The Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Customer Satisfaction Survey is easy to complete and can be found at

This survey contains several questions that were already on the feedback survey. Evaluating the services they provide is increasingly critical.

Take a moment to fill out the TellHappyStar customer survey. We want to know your thoughts on the service, the atmosphere, the quality of your food, and how it tastes.

It should be noted that TellHappyStar carries out customer surveys on a seasonal basis. The optimal time for clients to complete the survey is determined by the company. At the end of the investigation time, successfully. 


How can I find out what questions are on the TellHappyStar survey?

  • The selection and caliber of the dishes served.
  • How much everything on the menu costs.
  • Company that prepares meals.
  • How workers interact with customers.
  • Order accuracy and deadline adherence.