Common Questions

The main goal of the TellHappyStar customer survey is to get honest comments, suggestions, and feedback that may help the channel grow.

Hardee’s USA and Carl’s Jr. both utilize questionnaires on to see how satisfied customers are with the food, taste, and service.

Can you take part in the survey even if you haven’t eaten at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s?


A plethora of surveys are available online, and you can even respond to them via email or phone. However, the online survey website was only used by Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

In addition, the survey cannot be filled out without the information included on your receipt. Therefore, you must purchase your food and drink from the eatery.

Can you only use the validation code at the retailer from where you originally got the receipt?

You do not need to visit the same location in order to utilize the verification code. Can be used at any location of Carl or Hardee.

Can I get my money back with this deal?

At this time, TellHappyStar Research does not have any cash offers available, and gift cards or discounts cannot be utilized in this way either.